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Uniquely Wired M. jewelry is essential to every King and Queen's trove of fine pieces. From rings to bracelets, crowns to vests, everything is designed to revitalize and re-imagine the feeling of individual strength and style.


Mythical Materials

Our collection of jewelry is made of the earth's most enchanting materials including; Amethyst, citrine, labradorite, pyrite, clear quartz, rose quarts, tiger eyes and copper.




Magic stems from the mind. Tell us about your most imaginative jewelry concepts and we'll create them with you. A perfectly fashionable solution for your next concert, runway debut, photo shoot or audition.


Make Your Own

We're taking a collective 21 years of crafting jewelry and putting into live workshops to help other artists express themselves through jewelry making. This is an interactive , fun , Adult jewelry class for people who are serious about learning a new craft.